Phi Ratio tuning forks

DnA Phi Ratio Tuning Forks


The Essential Energy Balancing Tools to Tune Your Body, Mind, and Spirit


These two tuning forks manifest the sacred ratio of 8:13. This interval is not usually found in contemporary music.


When sounded together, these tuning forks produce a sound that has been called “angelic”. Others have found it creates a spiraling effect. Since these tuning forks represent an outer spiral of the Fibonacci series, this makes sense. People seem to journey within (or without to the Angelic Realms) when they hear the sounds of these tuning forks struck together.



"As described earlier, the first time I tried the 8:13 tuning forks, I was immediately filled with a sense of peace and balance. I heard the angels singing and I felt my consciousness spiraling through the universe. Oftentimes, when I use them on others, the most common thing that is said is: “I felt like I was home”. Indeed, these tuning forks may have the ability of bringing those who are spiritually inclined to a place of inner peace and knowing. The people who helped research the effects of these tuning forks found that they balanced the left and right hemispheres of the brain and also balanced the chakras. I was also informed that they helped the neuro-muscular system re-attune itself to the proportions of the body that were most healthful. In addition, I was told that attunement with these tuning forks may heighten evolution and it may indeed alter the DNA and allow new encodements of light to manifest in our body and etheric fields..."


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