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The Gaia Frequency Body Tuning Forks


Rejuvenate with the energies of The
Earth Mother!


Experience the Gaia Frequency




Created by Healing Sounds Pioneer Jonathan Goldman, the Gaia Frequency BODY TUNERS use the scientific principle of beat frequencies to create entrainment with the 7.83 Hz. Schumann Resonance–the frequency of the electromagnetic field of the Earth–what we call the “Gaia Matrix“. Both visionary scientists and mystics believe that resonance with this extraordinary field enables attunement with the energy of our Mother Earth, expanding consciousness and bringing healing.



Now you may simply and easily bring this Gaia Frequency resonance into your own life–The Gaia Frequency BODY TUNERS are both peaceful & potent. Through the beat frequencies of the BODY TUNERS it is also possible to enhance connection with the planetary field, allowing you to experience what may well be one of the most powerful and natural vibrations for healing and transformation!


The Gaia Frequency BODY TUNERS have been specifically designed to be used directly on the physical body!


Experience them now to:


  • Help harmonize & rejuvenate the body’s physical structure
  • Emit the Schumann Resonance frequency directly into the physical body
  • Restore balance to bone, nerves, lymph and body tissue, bathing them with the natural healing frequencies of the Schumann Resonance.
  • Stimulate the nerves and vibrate the body with deep grounding earth tones
  • Facilitate the release of tension from the body, bringing a sense of deep relaxation and calming peace
  • Work with acupuncture, acupressure, and other healing points associated with various body therapies
  • Relax, align, and restore health
  • Connect & Resonate with the field of the Gaia Matrix with these
  • Sacred Sounds for Modern Times


Included with these tuning forks is a manual with information on the creation and use of the Body Tuners as well as a Healing Sounds Tuning Fork Resonator.


Watch a series of supporting videos by Jonathan Goldman on the Gaia Frequency Tuning Forks: Video 1 | 2 | 3




"The Schumann Resonance has been written about for many years. It is said to be the resonant frequency of the electro-magnetic field of the Earth. I call this the Gaia Frequency. I first learned about it in the early 1980’s while reading a wonderful book called STALKING THE WILD PENDULUM, written by the pioneering visionary scientist Itzhak Bentov.


This book inspired me to research the topic in depth, and I ended up doing one of first lectures presented on this topic for the International Music Medicine Symposium in 1989, at Rancho Mirage, California. I also began to experiment with using the Schumann Resonance in my musical compositions. I ended up incorporating Schuman Resonance entrainment on one of my very first albums, called Dolphin Dreams, also released in 1989..."


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