The MOSES CODE Tuning Forks™


This special pair of tuning forks was created by Healing Sounds® pioneer Jonathan Goldman exclusively for James Twyman, author of THE MOSES CODE. These tuning forks utilize the principles of Gematria “an ancient Hebrew system that equates numerology to the Hebrew alphabet” in order to create tuning forks which utilize the numerical and sonic energy of “EHYEH ASHER EHYEH” often translated: “I AM THAT I AM” (or as James Twyman reveals in THE MOSES CODE: “I AM THAT, I AM”)


Made of the highest quality aluminum, The MOSES CODE Tuning Forks™ create a sacred sonic relationship that brings harmony to those who receive their frequencies: balancing the nervous system, increasing the auric field, and expanding consciousness. In addition, people who have listened to them have indicated that they hold amazing healing properties and help initiate and enhance spiritual experiences. A six page instruction manual is included with each set of tuning forks.


Many people who have used these tuning forks believe they are the Frequencies of Manifestation. Find out for yourself!



"If you examine the basic tenets of the various religious belief systems on Earth, you’ll find a commonality in their understanding that the initial creative force—what scientists call the big bang—was indeed sound. This creative force has been referred to as "The Word" by St. John. The Old Testament tells us: "In the beginning, the Lord said: ‘Let there be Light!’" The actual act of speaking created the energy of light—sound preceded light.

Sound travels as waves—known as its "frequency"—and they’re measured in cycles per second (scientifically written as hertz, abbreviated as Hz). Slow sound waves manifest very deep sounds; fast sound waves create high ones. We’re able to pick up from around 16- to 20,000 Hz. That’s our spectrum of hearing. Nevertheless, creatures such as dolphins can receive and project frequencies upward of 180,000 Hz—about ten times our level of hearing! As the ancient mystics have told us: "Everything is sound." We need to understand that sound encompasses much more than our limited range of hearing..."


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I am that I am
Jonathan Goldman

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